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MeDia-security: Новейшие суперзащитные оптические голографические технологии, разработка и изготовление оборудования для производства и нанесения голограмм.Методика применения и нанесения. Приборы контроля подлинности.

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Relative position of the lamp's filament and the hologram in a luminaire
5-3.jpg (18411 bytes)   &   Нolograms of the 102x127 mm size are used as decorative elements in making wall brackets (by Yu. Bor-novolokov, V. Vanin, V. Timofeev). The ordinary incandescence lamp of such a luminaire serves as the lighting source for the hologram.

  &   Placing the lamp's filament in the plane of incidence of light on the hologram (Fig. 3) makes it possible to improve the sharpness of the image. The luminaire is decorated with elements of art castings featuring the motifs of Ural folk tales, and a hologram, built in the lid of the malachite casket, is for the first time ever used as an integral part of the decorative scheme.

     Holograms 38 mm in diameter are recorded on bichromised gelatine and used in making holographic pendants set in a slim white or yellow metal rim. The polished facets of the hologram, the bright image that can be viewed in diffused light, the play of light spots on the pendant, and the changes in the colour of the image that are to be seen when it is being turned, make the holographic pendant an elegant and original ornament. As distinct from the holographic pendants produced by Western firms, the pendants made at the Art Holography Studio have the following features: the hologram is sealed by cutting a 0.75 to 1.0 mm groove in its edge and by gluing it into a metal rim; polished 0.7 mm wide chamfers improve the decorative qualities of the pendant; and the hologram is highly transparent and has uniform colour distribution, which enhances the sharpness and depth of the reconstructed image.
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